How Publishers Can Take Advantage of Mobile Social

by Jaan Janes
May 27th, 2014

Pinterest continues to make headlines as its footprint expands and it launches its first ad products, but what is the value of its traffic to both publishers and advertisers through the many outbound links it drives daily? What devices are being used? What is the impact on ad performance from this traffic? How does it compare to the other largest source of social
traffic, Facebook?

Yieldbot is integrated with many leading publishers that actively work with Pinterest to drive traffic and “pinning” activity. For many of these publishers, our data shows that Pinterest has become the one of the top 3 largest sources of inbound referrer traffic (along with Google search and direct traffic). However, these visitors tend to bounce at a very high rate. Even with a lower amount of referrers in April of 2014 on sites on the Yieldbot platform, Facebook drove 12% more page views for publishers than Pinterest.

The influence of mobile is profound. For people coming to publishers from social media on mobile the pageview traffic regularly approaches or beats 50% of their total mobile page views.

As important as pageview traffic from social media is the efficacy of the traffic for advertisers. The CTR rate on Yieldbot associated with mobile social referrers always beats desktop traffic.

Yieldbot CTR Index By Session Referrer Source

(Index is compared to overall Yieldbot CTR in April 2014)

Facebook Mobile 117

Twitter Mobile 112

Pinterest Mobile 96

Facebook 84

Pinterest 68

Twitter 28

The fact is these visitors will click relevant messaging. They are in a media consumption pattern that screams “give me relevant information!” Publishers that can harness technologies that deliver relevant advertising will have great success in mobile.

Key Findings:

1) There is an enormous opportunity for publishers to drive high quality traffic from social media, especially Facebook and Pinterest.

2) The acceleration of mobile traffic from social media is profound.

3) Ad engagement, as defined by CTR, is highest from mobile social referrers.

Recommended Actions:

1) Mobile-first audiences are going to dictate the future for publishers, and publishers need to quickly align their programming and marketing strategies to produce quality content experiences for this audience.

2) Publishers need to consider session referrer source to improve ad targeting and to work with marketers to develop ad creative that resonates with inbound social media audiences as opposed to other sources of traffic.

There is an enormous market opportunity for publishers to harness the power of social media and Yieldbot is actively working with its publishers to build new revenue streams while delivering results for its ad partners.

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