Our Series B Funding

by Jonathan Mendez
June 6th, 2014

Today we announced we have received $18M of funding into
Yieldbot in a Series B raise. New
investor SJF Ventures lead the round that included existing investors RRE
Ventures, NAV Ventures, Common Angels and additional contribution from City
National Bank.

In an era when everyone wants to bucket your business into a
category on a slide or an acronym we have consistently defied categorization. If
you want to call us any one of these names below it would be accurate:

A big data company

A real-time analytics company

A predictive analytics company

A machine learning technology

A creative testing service

A traffic fraud detector service

A media company

A demand partner

A search media company

A mobile media company

A social media company

A shopper marketing company

A performance display company

A yield optimizer

A real-time ad server

This funding will help ensure we continue to be able to
define ourselves. When you create something entirely new and never seen before
you get that privilege.

So how do we define ourselves? One word, performance.

Performance for our buyers based on back-end metrics. We are
told more often than not that we are competing on back-end metrics with paid search
ads and blowing away anything they’ve ever seen in display. That defines us.

Performance for our publishers based on effective CPM and
revenue. That defines us. For our oldest
partners we are their largest source of revenue at the highest non-direct CPM.
In fact, the CTR our technology generates are so high we are now working
closely with direct and programmatic sales teams to run more campaigns through

When marketer performance is driving effective CPMs higher
and everyone is feeling great about it, you know you have something special. There
have only been a few technologies that have ever done that at scale for
publishers — none of them using
real-time or click-stream data. That ability to create high value media with
our technology, that defines us.

Best of all we are making ads better on the web by making
them more relevant to consumers. That defines us.

This funding however isn’t about defining Yieldbot. Our
focus is on our customers. It’s more accurate to say it’s about redefining what
is possible with display advertising. It’s about new buyers into new inventory.
It’s about new technology applied in new ways. It’s about new levels of
performance for marketers and publishers. It’s about a new channel of real-time
media that is created explicitly by consumers in a privacy friendly way. We are
creating media value in the digital ad ecosystem at levels no one ever has
before and in ways no one ever has before. That is why we raised money. It is
value we will continue to invest in for marketers, publishers and consumers.

The next chapter begins…

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