Proving Display Can Perform Better than Search

August 4th, 2012

What more can we say here. The numbers speak for themselves.

Yieldbot Conversion Rate: 35.59% G2

Yieldbot Conversion Rate: 26.04% G3

Google CPC Conversion Rate: 29.23% G2

Google CPC Conversion Rate: 20.65% G3

Google Organic Conversion Rate: 7.81% G2

Google Organic Conversion Rate: 6.10% G3

That’s a 26% higher conversion rate vs. Google Paid Search for Goal 3 and 326% higher conversion rate than Google Organic Search.

This is the first two weeks of data for the campaign. As hard as it is to believe these numbers are before any optimization has taken place.

These are IAB standard 300 x 250 and 728 x 90 units. But the realtime decisioning on the ad call is anything but standard. In fact, we believe these results bear out that Yieldbot has redefined relevance in display and created a new advertising channel in the process. A channel unlike any other.

We’ve worked for over two years to build Yieldbot on the thesis that first party publisher data to harvest intent and realtime decisioning to match against it would deliver performance that would rival Search. Even we didn’t think one of our early campaigns would out perform it. It’s great news for marketers and publishers. For us, the best news is that we’re just getting started.

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