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April 7th, 2012

The enemies of advertising are the enemies of freedom.” - David Ogilvy

Exciting news for Yieldbot and lovers of relevance today as we’re announcing a new Series A round of funding led by New Atlantic Ventures(NAV) and RRE Ventures. Seed Investors kbs+p Ventures, Common Angels and Neu Venture Capital also participated again in this round.

The funny thing about raising money in media technology is that very few VC’s actually understand it and even fewer have vision for where it’s headed. We’re fortunate to bring together a team of investors that live and breathe this stuff and proudly represent New York’s media leadership and Boston’s technology leadership in a way that mirrors Yieldbot’s own corporate footprint.

The funds will be used to continue development and bring to market our Yieldbot or Publishers (YFP) realtime intent-graph™ technology (launched July 2011) and our Yieldbot for Advertisers (YFA) realtime intent marketplace that launched in alpha this month. Together YFP and YFA create a valuable media channel of realtime consumer intent that delivers an order of magnitude more relevant ad matching and performance.

From day one, two years ago, we wanted to bridge the largest digital inventory source, Web Publishers, with the largest and best digital ad spends, Search advertisers, in a way the brings a more relevant web experience to people. We’ve progressed an extremely long way with a small team and relatively little funding so far. Today we’re putting dry powder in our muskets and continuing to battle. The enemies of freedom are only so because they know not relevance.

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