Say Hello to Marceline

by Soren Macbeth
December 16th, 2013

Yieldbot is pleased to announce the public release of Marceline, A Clojure DSL for Trident.

Storm plays a central role in Yieldbot’s real-time data processing systems. From data collection and ETL, to powering on-line machine learning algorithms, we rely heavily on Storm to process vast amount of data efficiently. Trident is a high level abstraction on top of Storm, analogous to Cascading for Hadoop. Trident, like Cascading is written is written in Java. This simply would not do.

Clojure, a lisp dialect which runs on the JVM, forms that base of the software stack for the data team at Yieldbot. We love Clojure because it allows us to quickly and interactively build our data processing systems and machine learning algorithms. Clojure gives us the REPL based development of a dynamic, functional language with the performance and stability of the JVM. With Marceline, we get the best of both worlds by being able to develop and test our Trident topologies in Clojure, uberjar them up and ship them off to our production environments.

Marceline is still young, but we have been running in production without issue. For more information about how to use it, including examples, please see the README on github. Special Thanks to Dan Herrera and Steven Surgnier for their help in testing, writing documentation and providing additional examples.

— @sorenmacbeth

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