Why Publishers Need a Strong Presence on Facebook Mobile

by Jaan Janes, SVP Revenue Management
September 14th, 2015

All of us have seen all the headlines around Facebook’s incredible growth in both mobile audience and mobile revenue.  (Incidentally, Yieldbot has witnessed similar growth building real-time user intent data across hundreds of leading websites.)

Facebook has become the third largest source of referrer traffic to publishers on the Yieldbot platform, running only behind Google search and publisher direct traffic, and well ahead of any other traffic sources. Pinterest is a distant fourth, with Facebook driving 6x more traffic than Pinterest.

Mobile continues to lead the way for Facebook and, in August 2015, Facebook Mobile drove 8% of overall page views across our platform, which focuses on food, lifestyle & home, tech, health, finance, and entertainment. Facebook Mobile’s traffic comprised nearly 75% of all Facebook traffic.

Equally important, traffic from Facebook Mobile to our installed media partners was the most engaged audience, generating a click-through rate of .40% in August.

So, what can publishers do with this information?

Continue to experiment with Facebook as a viable traffic source. On the Yieldbot platform, publishers invest time and resources to build qualified traffic from Facebook, and the performance for their advertisers on mobile speaks volumes.

Build long-lasting relationships with loyal consumers by avoiding clickbait advertising. Publishers with quality content experiences on their sites and on Facebook are reaping both short- and long-term benefits of “real” traffic.

Understand the impact of the referrer source on advertisers. Traffic sources do not perform equally and understanding which sites drive the most highly-engaged traffic, and subsequently higher CTR, helps shape traffic-driving efforts.

Target relevant advertising to real-time intent. By understanding both why a user is coming to your site and from where, publishers can improve campaign performance. Consequently, the user experience vastly improves with relevant advertising consumers actually want to see.

There is ample opportunity today for publishers to build a smart presence on Facebook Mobile that drives a quality audience at scale that can lead to far greater advertiser satisfaction and revenue.

“We’ve been able to build and sustain a great audience on Facebook as we are always authentic,” said Colleen Wachob, Chief Revenue Officer at MindBodyGreen.com, a Yieldbot media partner. “We work very hard to ensure the quality of the content that we develop and promote always meets the expectations of our audience on all platforms.”


Jaan Janes is a member of the Revenue Management team at Yieldbot, tasked with improving overall platform performance by building insights and analysis into both the supply and demand sides of the business. He has worked closely with Yieldbot Publishers to build them new channels of ad demand targeted to the real-time intent of their audiences.

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