Yieldbot is First New Marketing Channel to Perform as well as Search

by Jonathan Mendez
April 9th, 2013

I know…that’s a pretty bold statement. But it’s true. Buried in our press release about Cathie Black joining our board were the quotes every marketing technology since 2004 or so has been hoping to have its customers say about it:

“We use Yieldbot for a number of different clients here at TargetCast, and have been seeing search-like performance on the front end, and more importantly, on the back end of our campaigns. Yieldbot has opened up a whole new marketplace for our clients to connect directly with the real-time mindset of their consumers in the publisher domain.”

- Philippe Sloan, TargetCast SVP Interactive Marketing Director

This is not an accident. We have spent the last 2.5 years building for this. Our goal was always to capture this intent where it is most valuable, premium content, and connect it to Search Marketers starving for a new channel. Our thesis, born from years of experience in performance marketing, was always that consumer intent in media outside of Search was just as valuable as Search intent. Why wouldn’t it be? Search does not create any intent. Intent moves to Search for navigation and then Search pays it forward into content.

Building a technology to capture real-time intent and then activating it to achieve Search levels of marketer performance are why CTOs of other companies have left and joined our team. Why people from Criteo, Kayak, Microsoft, Wall Street Journal, IAC have left those great companies to be part of something revolutionary. None of this happens without the amazing team of people at Yieldbot.

On the data side, the brightest minds in real-time data led by Chief Data Scientist Soren Macbeth are pioneering new ways of capturing, shaping and activating first party data on premium publishers every day. On the platform side the brightest minds in piping data led by our CTO Rich Shea are building a self-learning platform that makes real-times decisions – the scale of which would make Yieldbot the fourth largest search engine in the US.

“Yieldbot’s intent-based advertising has provided us with a critical supplement to our paid search efforts. The conversion rate performance and number of conversions are equal to, and have sometimes exceeded, those of our SEM.”

- Marin Rowe, Alliance Health Networks Marketing Manager

So it’s time to toot our horn a little.

Search divisions at 3 of the 5 major agency holding companies buy real-time intent on Yieldbot. One of the largest direct buyers of Search buys real-time consumer intent Yieldbot. We have case study after case study from leading brand after leading brand showing our performance levels for volume and conversions matching and often exceeding SEM.

People said it couldn’t be done. After 2.5 years of building and 10 months of our marketplace our advertisers are telling us with confidence it’s been done. We’re telling them and you that we’re just getting started. It will only get better.

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