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Server-Side Javascript Software Engineer


Location: Boston, MA

Yieldbot has created revolutionary technologies to extract the real-time “intent” of website visitors, serving as the foundation of our unique digital marketing platform – the first and only such platform to rival the performance of search, without the need for third-party cookies. We make use of bleeding edge big data, real-time streaming and analytics technologies to process billions of page view, impression and click events, feeding into our advanced analytics and real-time machine learning components to drive our unrivaled performance.

What You’ll Do

  • Design and implement RESTful web service endpoints for surfacing configuration and performance data
  • Understand and articulate design trade-offs of services API designs for various use cases and provide the best design solutions for those use cases
  • Implement and test validation for web service endpoints, and continue to refine and evolve the service validation framework
  • Document web services in such a way that they can be easily consumed by other teams
  • Design flexible solutions that can be iterated on rapidly
  • Work closely with business stakeholders and with the rest of the engineering team to clearly understand and communicate requirements

What You Bring

  • Exceptional programming skills
  • Experience building server-side Javascript applications, especially with Node.js
  • Firm understanding of asynchronous programming techniques, ideally using Node.js
  • Ability to write maintainable code in an environment that is constantly evolving
  • Extraordinary communication skills
  • Ability to balance an obsessive desire to solve problems elegantly with the need to deliver results quickly and iterate later
  • Comfortable working in a distributed team

What Else We'd be Psyched About

  • Experience with a variety of Node.js functional libraries such as Hapi, Highland, Lo-Dash and Q, and with packages such as Bower, NPM, Gulp and Grunt
  • Willingness to cross over to the client side; familiarity with client-side JS libraries such as Highland, Angular and D3
  • Experience working in a heterogeneous database environment, and using document-oriented, key-value and other types of NoSQL databases, particularly ElasticSearch
  • Functional programming experience

Yieldbot is backed by SJF Ventures, RRE Ventures, New Atlantic Ventures, kbs+ Ventures, Betaworks, Common Angels and Neu Venture Capital.

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RTB’s Fatal Flaw: It’s too slow

From Digiday posted September 23rd, 2014 in Company News

I have some bad news for real-time bidding. The Web is getting faster, and RTB is about to be left behind. Now, 120 milliseconds is becoming too long to make the necessary computations prior to page load that many of today’s systems have been built around.

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Yieldbot Hands Publishers A New Way to Leverage Their First-Party Data

From Ad Exchanger posted September 23rd, 2014 in Company News

Yieldbot, whose technology looks at a user’s clickstream and search data in order to determine likeliness to buy, is extending its business to give publishers a new way to monetize their first-party data.

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Yieldbot Raises $18 Million to Advance Search-Style Display Buying

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Yieldbot, a New York based ad-tech company that lets advertisers buy display ads via search-style keywords, has raised a $18 million series B round of funding

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Much Ado About Native Ads

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The most amazing thing about the Federal Trade Commission’s workshop about native advertising Wednesday morning is that it happened at all. As Yieldbot CEO Jonathan Mendez noted...

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Pinterest Dominates Social Referrals, But Facebook Drives Higher Performance [Study]

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Publishers in women’s programming verticals such as food and recipes, home and garden, style and health and wellness have found a deep, high volume source of referral traffic from Pinterest.

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Yieldbot's First Annual Super Bowl Intent Scorecard

Posted February 3rd, 2015 by Jonathan Mendez in intent, CTR

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