Data Science in Clojure at Yieldbot [VIDEO]

by Richard Shea, CTO
June 2nd, 2015

Soren Macbeth, Yieldbot’s Chief Data Scientist, has discussed having Clojure as the foundation of Yieldbot’s data platform since 2010.

The Yieldbot platform currently performs real-time intent analytics on 1 billion premium publisher page views every week and makes real-time ad serving decisions on every unique pageview backed by those insights. Using Clojure has brought access to the breadth of JVM libaries, the scale of modern data processing platforms, the flexibility of iterative development from the REPL, and eliminated the typical pattern of building separate prototype and production code.

In April, Soren presented at Clojure/West in Portland – also the home and headquarters of the Yieldbot Data Team. Soren gave a great talk on why that single decision has been a huge competitive advantage for Yieldbot as we Science all of our Data. As icing on the cake, Yieldbot was able, not only to help sponsor the event, but also support an Opportunity Grant to make sure others could attend.

In the immortal words of Soren Macbeth, “Clojure all the things.”

Richard Shea, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Yieldbot, oversees all technical development of the Yieldbot platform. Soren Macbeth, Chief Data Scientist, at Yieldbot, works with data and leads the Yieldbot Data Team to fundamentally change the ad technology industry for Publishers and Advertisers. Learn more about what makes Yieldbot technology so unique here.

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