Right Time Marketing is Smarter

Audience targeting and retargeting uses data based on previous consumer behavior. There is no intelligence to the active needs of consumers. By capturing path-to-purchase intent in real-time, Yieldbot allows brands to understand, market and optimize to consumer intentions creating interactions at the exact moment it will be most helpful, useful and persuasive.

Publisher data is better

First party brand data while highly valuable is limited in scale and high in decay. Look-alike modeling used to obtain scale further degrades the data and performance. Third-party data just sucks. In contrast, the Yieldbot data stream is cookieless, real-time, first-party and closed loop. Seeing over 1 billion consumer site-sessions a month on the world’s top publishers, Yieldbot activates and optimizes first party data at a scale not seen outside Google and Facebook.

Relevance requires context

The digital path-to-purchase is infinite. Targeting based on audience does not align with the way people use this medium. Understanding consumer needs in real-time at the keyword level has proven to be the optimal digital methodology to create measurable events that yield to purchase. Yieldbot is the only technology working that way in premium media.

Consumer Trust is key

At all stages of their journey, consumers trust the content of premium media companies to aide in their decision-making processes.  Audience targeting does not leverage the influence publisher brands have on purchase. Yieldbot delivers premium media at scale ensuring only the most valued consumers see, trust and interact with marketing.

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