Engineering Manager, Infrastructure

Location: Boston
About Yieldbot

Yieldbot has created revolutionary technologies to extract the real-time “intent” of website visitors, serving as the foundation of our unique digital marketing platform – the first and only such platform to rival the performance of search, without the need for third-party cookies. We make use of bleeding edge big data, real-time streaming and analytics technologies to process billions of page view, impression and click events, feeding into our advanced analytics and real-time machine learning components to drive our unrivaled performance.
About the Role: Engineering Manager, Infrastructure
Engineering Management at Yieldbot supports the Engineers in the team to do their best work, individually and as a team. You will be responsible for recruiting, mentoring, goal setting, and supporting project planning and execution.
Engineers working on Infrastructure at Yieldbot foster a DevOps culture throughout Engineering, and work together to ensure that the best tools are available for both Frontend and Backend runtime environments.
As Engineering Manager for Yieldbot’s Infrastructure teams you will ensure success of the Engineers in your team in building and maintaining the world class infrastructure required by the Yieldbot platform. Infrastructure concerns at Yieldbot ranges from core infrastructure of networking, servers, instances, and security up to build and deploy of microservices and UIs, containerized (Docker) services in a Mesos environment, data pipeline (Kafka, Elasticsearch), and core configuration data services.
In this role you will work collaboratively with the Engineering Applications teams and their management to ensure that the infratructure needs for each of the Product Areas are being met, the right communications are taking place between teams, priorities are clearly understood, etc. You will help mentor junior and senior engineers alike in the team to ensure they are successful in their role.
What You Bring:
* A love for, and successful history of, helping people and teams accomplish their goals
* 10 years+ experience
* Top notch communication skills
* Experience as a Software Engineer in a startup environment working on infrastructure for distributed and multi-tier systems
* Experience as an Engineering Leader in distributed and high growth environment
* Experience with agile (small “a”) development methodologies
* The experience to suggest approaches to problem solving and the experience to know when to allow running with scissors

What We Bring
We offer competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits (unlimited vacation!), and love to listen to good music. We work as a close-knit team in a high-energy, fast-paced environment to achieve our goals.


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