Independent Research Firm Cites Yieldbot in Header Bidding Report

by Yieldbot
Tuesday, October 11 th, 2016 -- 8:00 am

Yieldbot cited in Independent report that describes Header Bidding as giving “buyer partners unprecedented access to premium inventory, better performance and overall business management”

NEW YORK, October 11, 2016 — Yieldbot, a digital media technology that connects brands with active consumer intent has announced that Forrester Research released a report that cites the advantages of header bidding technology for publishers including the ability to select the demand sources they will do business with, ensuring that the demand mix maximizes revenue, prioritizing the order of bidding based on revenue, and managing data leakage.

In the July 2016 report, Q&A: Header Bidding — What It Is And How It Works For Publishers And Marketers, authored by Forrester Senior Analyst, Susan Bidel, she wrote, “Header bidding isn’t new: Publishers have integrated retargeters, like Amazon and Criteo, and performance buyers, like Yieldbot, directly on their pages for years because they paid higher CPMs, were looking for highly defined audiences, and were of sufficient size to warrant the development time and effort.”

The report reveals that publishers are experiencing 20 to 30 percent lifts in CPMs and giving marketers first look access to premium inventory improves performance by 20 percent.

Yieldbot first developed header bidding technology in 2011, and since then, more than 1000 partners have integrated the company for premium inventory monetization.

“It is our belief that Forrester has validated header bidding as the superior digital ad bidding technology” said Jonathan Mendez, CEO at Yieldbot. “Publishers now have the ability to have their own true and transparent real-time auction. This levels the playing field for all brands and bidders and is increasing the value of digital media by delivering more relevance to consumers”

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Yieldbot is the only marketplace for real-time consumer intent in premium content. The company’s real-time data and header bidding media connect brands to the active intent of consumers on over 1,000 websites. Yieldbot’s consumer friendly technology does not use cookies for targeting and has a first-party relationship with all data.

IntentRank™, Yieldbot’s machine learning system, recognizes and scores the active motivation of consumers and responds with relevant brand messages to produce superior measured media performance. Over half of the Top 100 US advertisers are Yieldbot customers.

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