Yieldbot is the only Marketing Channel that Performs better than Paid Search. 
Ever. Proof is in the results.


A major Food brand has moved its entire non branded keyword buying to Yieldbot after we beat Search ROI by 26%.

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A major Home Improvement company has scored Yieldbot leads higher than Paid Search for 13 consecutive months.

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For the last year running a leading Health Care Services organization is getting 20% higher conversion rate from Yieldbot than Paid Search.

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A leading children’s OTC pain reliever has moved 20% of its Paid Search budget to Yieldbot to drive quality traffic to its landing page for CRM registration and coupon reward.

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The Yieldbot Marketplace

Yieldbot’s real-time consumer intent is bought exactly like search’s real-time consumer intent. Keywords and Cost-per-click. In fact, just give us your search campaigns in a spreadsheet and you’ll be live in hours.



2 billion page-views a month



Only premium publishers


Highest Performance

The Web's most valuable consumers

Here is what our buyers are saying...

“Yieldbot’s intent-based advertising has provided us with a critical supplement to our paid search efforts. The conversion rate performance and number of conversions are equal to, and have sometimes exceeded, those of our SEM.”


Marin Rowe, Alliance Health Networks Marketing Manager

“We use Yieldbot for a number of different clients here at TargetCast, and have been seeing search-like performance on the front end, and more importantly, on the back end of our campaigns. Yieldbot has opened up a whole new marketplace for our clients to connect directly with the real-time mindset of their consumers in the publisher domain.”


Philippe Sloan, TargetCast SVP, Interactive Marketing Director

“To drive maximum impact for our clients, we looked to expand beyond Search, into publisher environments where we can use the same intent-based targeting as on the Search Engine Results Page. Yieldbot has proven to be a great partner in helping us to do this with scale, efficiency and precision.”


Mendy Basch, Resolution Media, Paid Search Supervisor

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Massive new budgets are delivered directly to Publishers through Yieldbot. Buyers on the Yieldbot Marketplace are the largest in Digital Media.

Get bought, not sold.

Search Media

Yieldbot buyers include most of the major SEMs of the largest ad agency holding companies and many of the largest direct buyers of Search Advertising.


Social budgets extend their keyword and CPC based buying into Yieldbot to meet their ever-increasing Real-Time Marketing needs.


Yieldbot has a direct line into the largest Shopper Marketing agencies in North America to drive consumers to specific brand offers at the largest e-commerce retailers.


A natural extension of the Yieldbot technology buyers are bringing the fastest growing spend in all of digital media (Mobile Search) to our platform so we can bring this to you.

Why we will quickly become your top partner

High Fill Rates

High Fill Rates

Yieldbot brings unparalleled fill rates to our premium publisher pages. Highly endemic publishers who utilize Yieldbot as one of their primary yield sources, serve up to 98% of Yieldbot matches.

Mid-tier Pricing

Publishers put Yieldbot between direct sold and ad exchanges. That allows us to provide a flexible pricing model as we’re not affecting pre-existing inventory. And, with the added benefit of our easy technology, you can have our system set up in less than a week.

Mid-tier Pricing
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Transparency & Control

Transparency & Control

With Yieldbot you will understand what advertisers are buying on your site and why. You will understand which pages and intent are performing down to the keyword and URL level. You have total control to approve each and every advertiser in our marketplace.


Yieldbot technology puts Publishers on the right side of Do Not Track and consumer privacy concerns by using first party cookies to allow for better understanding of publisher visitors.


Yieldbot is built for Publishers.

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Distribution & Availability

All of Yieldbot analytics data collection, matching, and ad serving, is performed in a set of geographically distributed web servers deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Static resources such as javascript and images for ads are served out of the AWS worldwide distributed CDN, CloudFront. These resources are managed by AWS to serve out of locations in geographic proximity to the end user. We split Yieldbot functions into the AWS regions, with each region able to run autonomously during prolonged outages in connectivity to centralized functions of producing lookup tables without impact to data collection and web server response times.

In each region the web servers are distributed in different Availability Zones (AZs), which in AWS maps to independent data centers running on different physical plant and power grids.  Currently Yieldbot web servers run out of three different AZs in each region. In each region the web servers are fronted by an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) which itself operates in a distributed and redundant manner by AWS. We over-provision web servers such that at peak traffic times the peak cpu utilization is below 50% on any single web server.


Yieldbot web servers are continuously monitored for response time and uptime from a set of geographically distributed external servers. Automated alerts ensure that Yieldbot remains continuously available with minimal impact to page load time.


For DNS we use an Anycast-based DNS service with a worldwide footprint to route initial communications to a web server that is geographically close to the end user to minimize delay.


Yieldbot cookies are set in the publisher domain and accessed through JavaScript in the publisher domain. This means that users are not and cannot be tracked by Yieldbot across sites.

Yieldbot In the News

RTB’s Fatal Flaw: It’s too slow

From Digiday posted September 23rd, 2014 in Company News

I have some bad news for real-time bidding. The Web is getting faster, and RTB is about to be left behind. Now, 120 milliseconds is becoming too long to make the necessary computations prior to page load that many of today’s systems have been built around.

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Yieldbot Hands Publishers A New Way to Leverage Their First-Party Data

From Ad Exchanger posted September 23rd, 2014 in Company News

Yieldbot, whose technology looks at a user’s clickstream and search data in order to determine likeliness to buy, is extending its business to give publishers a new way to monetize their first-party data.

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Yieldbot Raises $18 Million to Advance Search-Style Display Buying

From AdAge posted September 23rd, 2014 in Company News

Yieldbot, a New York based ad-tech company that lets advertisers buy display ads via search-style keywords, has raised a $18 million series B round of funding

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Much Ado About Native Ads

From Digiday posted December 5th, 2013 in Company News

The most amazing thing about the Federal Trade Commission’s workshop about native advertising Wednesday morning is that it happened at all. As Yieldbot CEO Jonathan Mendez noted...

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Pinterest Dominates Social Referrals, But Facebook Drives Higher Performance [Study]

From Marketing Land posted October 3rd, 2013 in Company News

Publishers in women’s programming verticals such as food and recipes, home and garden, style and health and wellness have found a deep, high volume source of referral traffic from Pinterest.

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Pinterest Sends Your Site More Traffic, Study Says, but Maybe Not the Kind You Want

From Ad Age posted October 3rd, 2013 in Company News

Pinterest may have quickly arrived as a major source of traffic to many websites, but those visitors may click on the ads they see there less often than others.

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Yieldbot's First Annual Super Bowl Intent Scorecard

Posted February 3rd, 2015 by Jonathan Mendez in intent, CTR

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