BlogHer and Yieldbot Use Premium Consumer Interactions to Build a New Revenue Channel

Yieldbot is consistently one of BlogHer’s top-performing monetization partners, creating more relevant consumer experiences while delivering RPMs that outperform those of ad networks and exchanges.



Increase revenue whilst delivering relevant ad experiences for consumers

BlogHer, part of SheKnows Media, is a leading publisher of women’s lifestyle content. Its network of sites encompasses more than 3,000 blogs across topics ranging from parenting and food to wellness and fashion.

The BlogHer team was drawn to Yieldbot’s ability to match relevant content with brand messages that drive consumer interactions. “Bloggers want to monetize, but they want to have the most relevant ads, the ads that make sense for their sites,” said Jory Des Jardins, BlogHer Co-founder and SheKnow’s Head of Global Strategic Alliances.


Use Yieldbot to match ads with active consumer intent on BlogHer

Working with Yieldbot granted BlogHer access to new types of advertising budgets, including search, social and shopper marketing campaigns.

Yieldbot’s technology built new first-party data for BlogHer to enable performance marketers to target the active intent of the BlogHer audience.

Over time, as Yieldbot’s machine learning made ad experiences more relevant, users interacted with the ads at higher rates, driving higher click rates and conversions, such as product purchase. These interactions boosted CPMs for BlogHer’s inventory, the revenue payout to bloggers, and the business’s bottom line.

“Yieldbot is a premium programmatic partner.”

Jory Des Jardins, SheKnows Media


Yieldbot consistently delivers higher revenue for BlogHer

Shortly after implementing Yieldbot, BlogHer noticed remarkably strong performance.

“We started seeing huge gains from Yieldbot,” Des Jardins said. “We were treating Yieldbot like magic beans (‘Oh wow, look at this!’), even though we didn’t really understand the technology behind it. We had thought it was like AdSense, or other ad exchanges, but once we dug in, we realized there was a lot more going on here, and a lot of a opportunity for our blogger partners.”

“Yieldbot is a premium programmatic partner. It truly does look at performance and applies its algorithms in real time, while accounting for the consumer’s actual experience within a session and optimizing to that as well,” Des Jardins said.

Over the past two years, Yieldbot has consistently been one of the top-performing partners for BlogHer in terms of clicks, CTR, CPMs and revenue. But, more importantly, Yieldbot has bridged the gap between marketing and user experience, delivering even greater overall partnership value to the publisher.

“When I look at our ad stack, revenue for the amount of effort that we put in is my key metric,” Des Jardins said. “Some of these partners do very well, but they can’t scale, or they are difficult to implement. That’s what I like about Yieldbot. We were able to get it up on thousands of our  blogs at once, since Yieldbot integrates seamlessly with our ad server. Plus, they’ve been able to bring us new budgets, such as search, that we previously did not have access to.”

In the three months since SheKnows Media acquired BlogHer, Des Jardins has already identified multiple new opportunities to expand its Yieldbot partnership. BlogHer is eager to start running Yieldbot’s newer ad formats, including the Click-to-Pin unit. “Yieldbot is an innovation shop. I was particularly impressed with the beautiful units Yieldbot has developed in-house, like the gorgeous, Pinterest-based ads that pull in relevant content and would fit into the look and feel of many of our sites,” Des Jardins said.

Des Jardins also intends to use Yieldbot’s technology to inform not only ad experiences, but also the content it creates and distributes.

“Yieldbot’s technology has huge potential for editorial and our native programs. One of the pilots I am trying to work through is how Yieldbot can help us be smarter about what content to develop, and which content we should be embedding natively within our sites.”

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