Improves Direct-Sold Campaigns Leveraging Active Consumer Intent

Top home improvement site delivers “always-on” advertiser performance with Yieldbot Platform.



Drive qualified sales leads through targeted clicks  was approached directly by Massachusetts-based advertising and media buying agency Access to Media, which had specific targeting and performance requirements for their client Jamaica Cottage Shop, a leading backyard cabin and shed manufacturer.

“Our client prefers very refined keyword targeting which is available in search, but not available in display inventory on the publishers we work with,” said Stacy Franklin, senior account executive at Access to Media.

“We are always concerned about the potential for misinterpretation of a keyword, such as targeting ‘shed’ as it relates to garden or backyard sheds, not a deer ‘shedding” antlers, or a person ‘shedding’ pounds.” turned to Yieldbot as a targeting partner because of its ability to target active consumer intent against explicit keyword groups, very similar to how the manufacturer was using Search to build leads.


Target potential customers on using the Yieldbot Platform has worked with Yieldbot for three years and turned to the technology provider to leverage real-time intent analytics and cookieless ad matching capabilities.

For this campaign, Yieldbot analyzed the active intent of BobVila in-session users and used this data set to target and maximized results by optimizing based on real-time performance of the creatives.

Access to Media provided and Yieldbot with a list of keywords used in search by Jamaica Cottage Shop and creatives to target. The campaign was initially launched as a one-month test buy with click-performance being a primary metric.

“We love that we own the direct agency relationship so that we can grow this business over time and really understand our client’s objectives.”

Gretchen Grant, CEO of Vila Media


Yieldbot delivered strong campaign CTR, monthly budgets increased and campaign became always-on

The campaign has been active for more than six months and continues to drive highly-qualified leads every month with a click-rate that exceeds 35%.

“We’ve been thrilled with the quality of the audience generated from, and the keyword targeting ensures potential buyers are clicking to our Jamaica Cottage Shop’s site with high-value intent for cabins and sheds,” said Franklin.

“Not only have we been able to satisfy the advertiser, we’ve been able to grow the monthly budget and they continue to run every month, growing what had originally been a one-month buy.”

Gretchen Grant, CEO of Vila Media

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