Geometry and Yieldbot Drive Brand Engagement and Increase In-Store Sales for Global CPG Brand and Walmart

Yieldbot was the #1 top performing media partner, driving greater brand engagement with branded pages on, and the largest lift in online and in-store sales.



Drive high-quality visits to CPG brand engagement pages on

A leading global CPG brand that derives a large portion of its sales through and Walmart stores wanted to increase engagement on their branded pages across Walmart’s website.

Geometry Global, the CPG brand’s shopper marketing agency, was tasked with driving high-quality prospects to engage with the brand’s product lines on Walmart’s website and, ultimately, to purchase the brand’s products online or in Walmart stores.

Geometry selected Yieldbot as a media partner because of its ability to identify potential customers for the CPG brand during moments of consideration in real time, and drive them to at scale.

Transparency was also a key factor in selecting a media technology partner due to the CPG brand’s values and brand safety concerns.

“With Yieldbot, we see the list of sites we’re going to show up on – and they are all premium publishers,” Finney said. “Other vendors are buying through exchanges, so we may end up on sites we haven’t heard of. With Yieldbot, you get full transparency.”

“Targeting moments of consideration is a simple idea, but it’s completely different from the way other companies target and buy placements.”

Jennifer Nicodemus, Geometry Global


Use Yieldbot’s proprietary technology to target real-time intent for the CPG brand’s product

Yieldbot created a custom content marketplace of 30 premium publishers including: Better Homes & Gardens, Parents, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping and BlogHer. IntentRank™, Yieldbot’s machine learning system, recognized and scored the active motivation of consumers across those sites to deliver relevant brand messages.

In addition the machine-learning technology continually optimized the ad images, copy and links as well as the mix of sites and platforms on to ensure only the best-performing messages were delivered.

“With Yieldbot, we know we’re talking to someone who is thinking about that product or product type in that instant,” Finney said.

The CPG brand’s campaign consisted of a combination of standard display ads and native advertising units, which blend organically into each publisher’s editorial environment. “The ads are simple, and I was very surprised they performed so well,” Finney confessed. “The old thinking was that you’d want static or dynamic ads that diverge from the style of the page and grab attention, but today’s shoppers don’t pay attention to those. Yieldbot’s native ad units fit in as part of the page, so users pay more attention to them.”

Geometry also took advantage of Yieldbot’s unique ability to offer display placements on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. In this way, Geometry guaranteed the overall volume of high-quality visits the campaign would generate, while enjoying significant brand awareness in the form of millions of relevant impressions at no additional cost.

“One thing we particularly love about Yieldbot is CPC buying,” Finney said. “When we run campaigns with Yieldbot, we know – no matter what – that we are getting a certain amount of clicks for a given program.”


Yieldbot was the top-performing partner, driving superior brand engagement and increased sales online and in Walmart stores

Yieldbot and Geometry successfully drove high-value visitors to the CPG brand’s pages on Users who came in through the Yieldbot campaign spent significantly more time on and visited more pages than traffic that came in through competitive campaigns.

Yieldbot’s audience not only interacted more with the brand’s pages on, but also purchased in brick-and-mortar stores at higher rates. “In terms of driving sales at retail, Yieldbot was the highest performer of the four vendors we tested,” Finney said.

Geometry plans to expand its partnership with Yieldbot to additional brand, as well as to additional agency clients.

“Word-of-mouth is critical in this area, and everyone keeps a close eye on what other CPG companies are doing that’s successful,” Finney explained. “As the word gets out about this campaign, we hope to do more Yieldbot programs with more brands in the future.”

“In our test/control environment, Yieldbot beat all of the other digital providers in terms of brand engagement. In terms of driving sales at retail, Yieldbot was the highest performer of the four vendors we tested.”

Steve Finney, Group Account Director, Geometry Global

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