Mindshare and Yieldbot Increase Brand Awareness and Favorability for Leading Hotel Brand

Yieldbot was the brand’s #1 top performing display partner, identifying new audiences with untapped travel intent and driving superior lift awareness and brand favorability.



Increase brand favorability among travelers for leading hotel brand

This leading hotel brand and its agency, Mindshare, set out to boost awareness and favorability among business travelers for the hotel brand.

Mindshare partnered with Yieldbot because of its ability to reach business travelers in the now across premium environments at the exact moment when they are open to considering new travel brands.

“The main KPI for the client was to lift brand consideration, and to do so, it was extremely important to hit an engaged audience regardless of the site that users are on and the type of devices they are looking at,” said Daniel Lee, Senior Digital Media Planner at Mindshare. “We chose Yieldbot for its combination of cross-platform capabilities and its clickstream data which validates a user’s level of engagement toward a certain category or product.”


Reach travelers in relevant moments of travel consideration in premium content environments across devices

Yieldbot’s technology analyzed active consumer intent within the custom marketplace to identify relevant moments in which to show the brand’s message.

Yieldbot delivered 100% above-the-fold placements for the brand, ensuring each impression would generate the maximum brand impact.

While the campaign’s initial focus was reaching business travelers on travel and business sites, Yieldbot quickly identiNied pockets of untapped travel intent among adult females on women’s lifestyle sites, including Family Circle, Parenting and OK Magazine.

“It was surprising to see how high the composition was against women’s lifestyle sites,” Lee confessed. “But it was pivotal for the client to reach an engaged audience, and Yieldbot’s technology helped Nind these users wherever they were.”

To further improve performance Yieldbot used machine learning to optimize the campaign using several variables including: site and placement as well as by device and platform throughout the three-month campaign.

“We chose Yieldbot for its combination of cross-platform capabilities and its clickstream data, which validates a user’s level of engagement.”

Daniel Lee, Mindshare


Yieldbot was the hotel brand’s #1 top performing display partner, delivering superior lift in brand awareness and favorability

Yieldbot’s performance surpassed that of all other display media partners. Yieldbot helped the brand increase both online ad awareness and favorability by 6.9%, according to Millward Brown.

“I was glad to see Yieldbot as our top performing display partner and, honestly, a little surprised, as we had best- performing partners from past campaigns on this campaign as well,” Lee said.

In addition to increasing brand awareness and favorability, Yieldbot also helped move potential customers along the path to purchase: Yieldbot audiences who saw the hotel brand’s ads were more likely to seriously consider the brand for their travel needs.

While performance was strong on all platforms, the brand’s ads drove the greatest brand engagement on mobile devices, demonstrating the importance of reaching consumers wherever they express intent.

“The campaign validated the technology behind Yieldbot’s product offering, as well as our data-driven approach for this campaign. The client was very surprised with the performance as well, as they did not know of Yieldbot prior to the campaign. They do now!”

Daniel Lee, Mindshare

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