Sabra® Connects Consumers With New Product Lines Using Yieldbot Active Consumer Intent

Yieldbot increased unique visitors and content engagement for Sabra®, delivering front-end performance 4x industry standard – including Google SERPs.



Drive higher consumer awareness for Sabra’s products beyond hummus

Resolution Media, the search arm of Omnicom Media Group, approached Yieldbot with the goal of increasing awareness and purchase intent for its client, Sabra. While Resolution and Yieldbot had already partnered successfully to drive purchase intent for Sabra’s Hummus products, Resolution now sought to extend that success to other product lines.

“Sabra is mostly known for its Hummus products but is relatively unknown in the Salsa space,” explained Mendy Basch, Associate Director at Resolution Media. “Our goal was to increase awareness – and ultimately trial and in-store purchase.”

Resolution sought to get potential new customers for Sabra products to visit Sabra’s website and engage with multiple pages of branded content. Yieldbot operates without cookies to only analyze the active session of a user and the pages they were visiting in that moment.

Partnering with Yieldbot would enabled Sabra to reach potential new customers with relevant messaging at scale in a manner similar to search engine marketing campaigns, but in premium content environments.

“Because we had already leveraged Yieldbot for our always-on Hummus campaign, we thought it made sense for this product push, as it had already proven to drive impact with scale and precision,” Basch said. “Yieldbot delivers maximum impact for our clients allowing us to expand beyond search into premium publisher environments where we can use the same intent-based targeting.”


Match potential new customers with messages about Sabra’s products at relevant moments of consideration

Resolution and Yieldbot created a list of more than 20 Yieldbot-enabled websites, including,, and Better Homes & Gardens to deliver Sabra’s message in moments when consumers were in the right mindset to consider the Sabra’s products.

Yieldbot’s technology identified the active intent now of users across a wide range of content, including articles on recipes, home entertaining, snacks and appetizers. Yieldbot’s technology analyzed first-party data and real-time click patterns to determine the most relevant message and link to show each interested consumer at every moment. In this way, Yieldbot helped Sabra connect with new potential customers all along the path to purchase.

“It was important for us to reach relevant new audiences as we expanded to a new marketplace, one that is more competitive in nature and incurs additional costs,” Basch said. “Leveraging Yieldbot allowed us to do so with accuracy and efficiency.”

“Yieldbot delivers maximum impact for our clients allowing us to expand beyond search into premium publisher environments where we can use the same intent-based targeting.”

Mendy Basch, Resolution Media


Yieldbot drove 95% new visitors to Sabra’s website at 38% lower cost-per-page-visit than search engine marketing

Yieldbot successfully connected new consumers with Sabra’s message. During the campaign’s first month alone, 95% of visits Yieldbot sent to the Sabra website were new visitors. In addition, these new visitors were high-quality: on average, Yieldbot visitors remained on the Sabra website 19% longer than consumers who came in through Sabra’s non-branded search campaigns. Moreover, cost- per-page-visit was 38% lower through Yieldbot than through comparable search engine marketing campaigns.

“We were very excited to see that Yieldbot outperformed some of our non-branded search campaigns, from an efficiency as well as engagement perspective – in driving cheaper cost-per-page-visit and longer average visit duration,” Basch said.

“The platform proved its ability to drive scalable incremental traffic to Sabra properties via a qualified audience at a time when awareness of their ancillary products was extremely low.”

Because Yieldbot can be purchased on a cost-per-click basis, like search, in addition to delivering consumers directly to Sabra’s website, Yieldbot also built brand awareness for Sabra products at scale throughout the campaign, delivering hundreds of millions of relevant impressions each month at no additional cost.

Based on the strength of these results, Resolution has continued to shift budget from search engine marketing campaigns to Yieldbot to help drive purchase intent for Sabra’s ancillary products among new, scaled audiences.

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