Yieldbot and Carat Partnered to Drive 2X Return On Ad Spend for Staples® Back-to-School Campaign

Yieldbot delivered premium consumer interactions driving more than 9,000 conversions.



Drive sales for Staples® during their back-to-school campaign

As a leading international office supply store, Staples, Inc. and its media agency, Carat USA, came to Yieldbot with the goal of capturing a greater share of back-to-school sales.

Carat partnered with Yieldbot to bring the fundamentals of search marketing – performance-driven media and keyword-based targeting – to display.

“What stuck out about Yieldbot was the technology and integration with premium partners, and the ability to run a display campaign leveraging search tactics,” Elizabeth Johnson, Supervisor of Planning at Carat, said. “Yieldbot’s technology allows us to expand on our existing banner creative by using their native ads to dynamically rotate products based on what users are reading and how they arrived at the page.”



Analyze active consumer intent and match needs to deliver the most relevant native and text ads to every user at every moment

IntentRank™, Yieldbot’s machine learning system, recognizes and scores the active motivation of consumers and responds with relevant brand messages to produce premium interactions.

Yieldbot delivered Staples’ message across premium content through a combination of custom creative formats including: image-based native ads and text-based display ads. For each impression of the campaign, the ads automatically updated to feature the most relevant products for each particular consumer at that particular moment.

By optimizing creative delivery to the active consumer mindset, Yieldbot helped Staples® spark consideration among potential customers, and conversions among those users who were ready to buy.

“Yieldbot was able to deliver Staples’s message within premium sites, while still optimizing for ROI.”

Elizabeth Johnson, Carat


Yieldbot’s innovative technology drove 2X positive ROI for Staples®

Within the first month of the campaign, it was clear that Yieldbot was a top-performing partner for Staples®. Yieldbot delivered stronger performance than both longtime partners (who had deep brand knowledge) and partners employing purely direct-response tactics. Over the course of the campaign, Yieldbot drove more than 9,000 clickthrough and viewthrough conversions, delivering 2X return on advertising spend for Staples®.

“Positive ROI is always good news! Within the first month, it was clear that Yieldbot was among our top three partners [out of eight], and that stayed true throughout the whole campaign,” Johnson said.

Based on the strength of Yieldbot’s performance, Carat shifted budget away from other partners to Yieldbot during the campaign, and chose Yieldbot as one of three partners with which to launch an additional campaign in early September.

“Yieldbot takes the strategies from both display and search and proves the importance of talking to people who have intent in premium content environments,” Johnson said. “With Yieldbot, we’re able to bring new people into the funnel while talking to them at each point in the path to conversion.”

“With Yieldbot, we’re able to bring new people into the funnel while talking to them at each point in the path to conversion.”

Elizabeth Johnson, Carat

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