How Do You Explain Media Disruption?

Yieldbot has created a new marketplace with cutting-edge real-time technology that is changing that way digital media is bought and sold. Listen below to how and why we are doing it.

Jonathan Mendez


Increasing the Value of Media

CEO Jonathan Mendez discusses how Yieldbot opens up a new channel of inventory to performance marketers and advertisers that rivals the performance of paid search.

New Revenue for Publishers

CEO Jonathan Mendez discusses how Yieldbot is unlocking new advertising and marketing budgets to premium publishers.

Advertising and Marketing in Real-time

CEO Jonathan Mendez discusses how Yieldbot was built to deliver relevance by capturing, collecting, organizing and activating consumer’s own actions in premium content.

Soren Macbeth

Chief Data Scientist

Data Quality

Chief Data Scientist Soren Macbeth discusses how Yieldbot creates and uses real-time first-party consumer intent data.

Chris Greene

Senior Vice President

Buying Yieldbot

SVP Chris Greene discusses how Advertisers and Marketers are using and measuring performance success using Yieldbot across the marketing funnel.

Rich Shea

Chief Technology Officer

Technology Architecture

Chief Technology Officer Rich Shea discusses how Yieldbot’s first-party relationship enables us to build real-time matching and optimization technology that deliver unparalleled relevance.

Yieldbot In the News

RTB’s Fatal Flaw: It’s too slow

From Digiday posted September 23rd, 2014 in Company News

I have some bad news for real-time bidding. The Web is getting faster, and RTB is about to be left behind. Now, 120 milliseconds is becoming too long to make the necessary computations prior to page load that many of today’s systems have been built around.

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Yieldbot Hands Publishers A New Way to Leverage Their First-Party Data

From Ad Exchanger posted September 23rd, 2014 in Company News

Yieldbot, whose technology looks at a user’s clickstream and search data in order to determine likeliness to buy, is extending its business to give publishers a new way to monetize their first-party data.

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Yieldbot Raises $18 Million to Advance Search-Style Display Buying

From AdAge posted September 23rd, 2014 in Company News

Yieldbot, a New York based ad-tech company that lets advertisers buy display ads via search-style keywords, has raised a $18 million series B round of funding

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Much Ado About Native Ads

From Digiday posted December 5th, 2013 in Company News

The most amazing thing about the Federal Trade Commission’s workshop about native advertising Wednesday morning is that it happened at all. As Yieldbot CEO Jonathan Mendez noted...

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Pinterest Dominates Social Referrals, But Facebook Drives Higher Performance [Study]

From Marketing Land posted October 3rd, 2013 in Company News

Publishers in women’s programming verticals such as food and recipes, home and garden, style and health and wellness have found a deep, high volume source of referral traffic from Pinterest.

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Pinterest Sends Your Site More Traffic, Study Says, but Maybe Not the Kind You Want

From Ad Age posted October 3rd, 2013 in Company News

Pinterest may have quickly arrived as a major source of traffic to many websites, but those visitors may click on the ads they see there less often than others.

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From Our Blog

Yieldbot's First Annual Super Bowl Intent Scorecard

Posted February 3rd, 2015 by Jonathan Mendez in intent, CTR

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