Yieldbot Goes Deep Into the Consumer Mindset, Activate Moments Of Shopper Intent

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by Yieldbot
Sunday, June 21 st, 2015 -- 12:49 pm

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Digital targeting has created seismic shifts in shopper marketing. New insights related to shopper intent are fueling new methods of reaching consumers, while digital channels are changing how consumers choose the products they purchase. Yieldbot, as a media channel using first-party data to target real-time consumer intent, is poised to capitalize on these swings and help major brands and agencies understand the mindset of active consumers.

Adweek spoke with Rachel Tarvin, Yieldbot’s Director of Shopper Marketing and a former shopper marketing manager for Starbucks, to get her take on how digital is impacting the shopper marketing landscape.

What are some of the new ways brands and shoppers are interacting digitally?

Real-time communication and personalization is no longer an advantage, it’s expected. Shoppers are not only researching products and services, but are also leveraging premium media to build and influence their shopping patterns.

For example, recipes found through Pinterest from AllRecipes.com are now more than just ideas—they’re shopping lists. Articles from Better Homes & Gardens on building a backyard fire pit can inspire a trip to a home improvement store. So with this, digital has thrown a wrench in the traditional path-to-purchase concept.

In digital, the path-to-purchase is unique for every consumer. Brands are forced to understand shopper needs in real time and develop new digital methodologies that yield to purchase. Finding and harnessing the technology that can do this is critical; that is where Yieldbot comes in.

“The utilization of intent targeting, dynamic creative and CPC buying aligns brands with the digital path of every shopper at the most critical moment—when they’re ready to take action.”

Rachel Tarvin, Yieldbot

What are the biggest challenges you see on the digital side of shopper?

The first is owning and activating shopper intent as it occurs. Tactics like audience targeting and retargeting, which make decisions based on previous consumer behavior, are no longer reliable. Similarly, these cookie-based targeting methods make so many assumptions about shoppers that it becomes more challenging for brands to leverage quality data, especially at scale.

Second is the need for flexible creative—both images and text—that can be optimized to address the needs of every consumer. By leveraging a diverse creative portfolio, shopper marketers can broaden their messaging and extend it to new, different and larger audiences.

The biggest ongoing challenge is that shopper marketers must be more ROI-focused than their branding counterparts. The burden of driving in-store sales places greater reliance on high-value digital actions. Being able to purchase those actions on a cost-per-click ensures spend effectiveness.

The utilization of intent targeting, dynamic creative and CPC buying aligns brands with the digital path of every shopper at the most critical moment—when they’re ready to take action.

You joined Yieldbot after using the technology. How is it going?

I saw great success when using Yieldbot at Starbucks and I wanted to work for a company with a product strategy that directly aligns with the growing needs of shopper marketers. In my opinion, Yieldbot has created a completely new digital channel. By layering a powerful intent-targeting technology over shopper-trusted premium media, brands can now meet shoppers within the premium content they rely on to make purchase decisions, all in real time. It makes complete sense, and more importantly, it’s working.

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