Yieldbot Surpasses 1 Billion Monthly User Sessions Across Consumer Intent Media Platform

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by Yieldbot
Friday, January 9 th, 2015 -- 1:41 am

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Company Now Activates First Party Data for 3 Billion Monthly Page Views, Increases Revenue 10x Year-Over-Year for 2nd Year in a Row – Expands its New York Office

NEW YORK, NY - Yieldbot, the leading provider of real-time consumer intent for premium digital media, announced landmark growth in user activity and first-party data generation across its platform.

Yieldbot now has over 1 billion user sessions per month running across its publisher partners’ web properties, accounting for over 3 billion page views per month, up from nearly 2 billion per month in January 2014. In line with increases in user activity and data insights, Yieldbot’s revenue has increased 1300% year over year, and 2400% over the past two years, making it one of the fastest-growing companies in New York City’s online advertising space.

The company is thriving due to its unique ability to employ first-party data to target real-time consumer intent within digital media channels. By accessing budgets for media based on keyword and cost-per-click (CPC), the platform connects publishers to major media buyers including Meredith, Hearst, BlogHer, Rodale, BrainyQuote and over 200 other premium publishers across multiple channels, pulling from budgets that would typically be allocated for search, social, shopper and mobile marketing – redirecting market share from the likes of Google and Facebook.

“Yieldbot’s record growth comes on the back of revenue from budgets normally set aside for a variety of other digital marketing disciplines that struggle to perform as well as real-time consumer intent,” said Jonathan Mendez, CEO at Yieldbot. “We’re in a highly unusual and enviable position, being able to help major publishers source budgets that do not typically see.”

“For the first time in ages we’ve had a partner out-earn Google,” said Jeff Rich, CEO of BrainyQuote.

Yieldbot increases the value of digital media by capturing relevant moments – in real-time and bought on a performance basis – where a consumer has demonstrated intent that aligns with a brand message or offer that will be interesting, helpful, or useful to them.

“Having keyword-based intent on our visitor click-streams has proven useful when selling to clients who are buying keyword campaigns from Google, Yahoo and Bing, thus allowing us to compete head-to-head for what were typically search engine marketing budgets,” said Andy Wilson, Chief Digital Officer of Meredith Corp.

In June of 2014, Yieldbot secured $20 million in venture funding to continue building its real-time media platform for consumer intent. The company has responded to its rapid growth by adding several new executives to its team since June, including Dorothy McGivney, Chief Product Officer (formerly of Google); Scott Portugal, General Manager of Publisher Platform (formerly of PulsePoint); Liane Pierce, Vice President of Client Services (formerly of Spongecell); Rachel Tarvin, Director of Shopper Marketing (formerly of Starbucks).

The company announces now that its New York offices have moved into a 6,000-square-foot facility at 149 Fifth Avenue, in the city’s historic Flatiron District.

About Yieldbot

Yieldbot is the only media channel that uses first-party data to target real-time consumer intent. The company works with all the major agency holding companies and biggest brands in the world, to help them understand in real-time where a consumer is in the marketing funnel and match them with the right messages.

Yieldbot increases the value of digital media for brands that in turn drives higher CPMs for publishers by capturing, organizing and activating real-time consumer intent in the click-stream. The company’s offerings can be bought and sold on a performance basis. Yieldbot’s “Intent Graph®,” consists of the real-time flow of consumer intent through 2 billion monthly premium page views.

Yieldbot was founded in New York and Boston and is backed by RRE Ventures, New Atlantic Ventures, SJF Ventures, Common Angels, kbs+ Ventures, Neu Ventures and City National Bank. For more information, please visit: http://www.yieldbot.com.

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