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Capturing Motivational Moments

by Jaan Janes, SVP, Market Development
December 15th, 2016

When we aggregate individual consumer sessions across thousands of sites and billions of sessions quarterly on the Yieldbot platform, interesting clusters of behavior around consumer intent and time start to appear. We wanted to share a few that represent the opportunity that intent targeting has for brands to capture consumers’ motivational moments.

Every parent has experienced this – it’s late at night and your child is running a fever that is starting to spike. Urgent Care is closed, you are waiting for a call back from your family doctor and it’s likely going to be a trip to the emergency room if you can’t get any help.

On the Yieldbot Platform, “fever” Intent is at its daily peak from 10:00 to 11:00 PM every night as people are actively looking for medical help and solutions. If you are an advertiser, has your campaign budget already capped for the day, causing you to miss a chance to be THE solution to a real and serious concern?

Fever Intent Across the Yieldbot Platform

Own Intent and You Can Own the Time | Intent Chart 1

Or, take the beauty category. Millions of times a day consumers seek beauty ideas and inspiration across publishers that work with Yieldbot. The peak of this activity for “beauty” intent comes daily in the evening hours from 9:00 to 11:00 PM. When you consider the relatively low per unit cost on many beauty products, a brand simply cannot afford to target and repeatedly retarget and expect a positive ROI. Using consumer intent can be the difference between a successful program and one that calls into question the entire digital strategy.

Beauty Intent Across the Yieldbot Platform

You Can Own the Time | Intent Chart 2

Finally, it’s no secret that furniture stores continue to buy tremendous amounts of TV time with the hope of connecting with potential shoppers, even if only a small fraction of the viewers actually are in-market and go to a store.

Online, the “prime time” is Saturday and Sunday mornings, dropping off at noon as furniture shoppers do their last online product research before heading to the stores.  For furniture retailers this is the last – and best – chance to get the shopper’s attention as purchase intent is at its peak.

Furniture Intent Across the Yieldbot Platform

You Can Own the Time | Intent Chart 3

To align “person, place and time,” marketers need to understand new patterns emerging in online consumer behavior. If you market to the motivation of the consumer, you can win that moment – and that consumer.

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