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The Future is Selling Things

by Jon Mendez, CEO
August 16th, 2017

These last couple months have marked a turning point in our business path. We have decided to go down a road that didn’t even exist when we started our journey. In doing so we left a lot behind – people, friends, partners and revenue – to move ahead with the speed and clarity of vision we need to continue to be successful.


Yieldbot grew to be the second fastest growing company in North America last year (Deloitte Fast500) because our real-time intent technology worked for all kinds of campaigns and metrics. We had a very wide focus, Search, Display, Social, Mobile, Video and Shopper. We are one of the few companies in the world that is bought by all these budgets. We couldn’t have grown much faster.


Something else grew over the last year too. The complexity required for certain parts of our business. With everything going on in digital media the execution of many digital ad campaigns has become an enormous burden. This is not a challenge unique to Yieldbot but it is an albatross that obscures our value proposition, drags our resources, convolutes our technology and actually limits the value of digital media value rather than increase it. It’s a headwind into large parts of the ecosystem and we had to tack from it.


A good thing can happen too when you focus wide at certain points in your business.  You can notice opportunity. In 2015, we started to notice what we do better than anyone else is take consumers from the mobile world to the physical world.  Our unique value proposition – real-time consumer intent – works even better in the mobile world since the physical world is literally connected to mobile in real-time. Real-time intent is the “last-mile” to consumer purchase.


Though our technology is very complex the marketing measurement in this space is simple. Brands buy Yieldbot based on one thing, return on spend. We deliver sales or as we like to say, “create customers” for brands and retailers. This business continues to grow rapidly for us. In the last 2 years as Yieldbot has been growing fast this business has grown from 20% of 2015 revenue to 60% of revenue YTD. We’ve been measured by at least five different third parties and consistently, Yieldbot first-party data and targeting drives ROI positive lifts in sales, foot traffic, drug prescriptions, tune-ins…you name it.


We see the mobile path-to-purchase clearly becoming more important to brands, retailers, marketers and most importantly consumers in the coming years. We’re staking our future on it. With the continued fragmentation of devices, services and sites it has never been more important to understand how digital and increasingly mobile (80% of our business) can affect in-person purchases. We know one thing already. Relevance wins here.


So while we say goodbye to a lot of great people and good business we look forward to investing and expanding with a singular purpose. We continue to have great support from our investors who have all made additional investment in Yieldbot. We’ll continue to grow our partners. We have already completed three major partner integrations this year. We’ll also continue to expand the data sharing, intent targeting and measurement capabilities of our platform around sales and physical outcomes. Most of all, we will bring a dangerous amount of energy and performance to a vital and increasingly important market where we are already a leader.


To learn more about how we can help you use digital to sell more in the physical world contact us anytime.

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