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YIELDBOT CPO & CTO Lead Server-to-Server Ops Talk at AdExchanger’s PROGRAMMATIC I/O Conference

by Yieldbot
March 28th, 2017


Join us on April 4 at 9:05 am to learn best practices for implementing a server-to-server solution and schedule time to meet one-on-one with Rich & Rob.

Yieldbot executives Rob Balazy and Rich Shea will share the stage at AdExchanger’s PROGRAMMATIC I/O Conference in San Francisco to kick off the Ops Talks with their session: “How to Solve for Server-To-Server.”

Rob and Rich will discuss how server-to-server solutions are gaining in popularity and may help publishers gain traction, but only if page speed improvements and incremental revenue to be gained is understood. Server-to-server programs also need to ensure bidders can gather the data needed to make intelligent decisions. Join this deep dive into the evolution of header bidding, points to consider before implementing a server-to-server solution, and whether server-to-server can fix the ad ecosystem.

Their session kicks off on April 4 at 9:05 am on the #PROGIO opening day. Attend the Ops Talk and book time to meet with Rob and Rich.

About the speakers:

Rob Balazy, CPO
As Chief Product Officer Rob oversees product development as well as helps define and drive corporate strategy for Yieldbot. Balazy is 19-year veteran of marketing technology and digital media. He is a 3-time CEO at Lycos, Inform Technologies, and HapYak. He also held executive positions at Shareaholic and NameMedia and was the business development lead on the team that invented Google AdSense while at Applied Semantics. He began his career as a founding employee at Afternic.com, which was acquired by Register.com in 2000. He holds a B.S. in Management Science from Boston University.

Rich Shea, CTO
Richard leads Yieldbot’s development teams on their mission to build the web’s number one platform for relevant content delivery. Prior to Yieldbot, Rich was a part of founding teams and held leadership roles at several startups such as Software Architect at BlueNote Networks (acquired by Aspect Software), Software Architect at WaveSmith Networks (acquired by CIENA), and on the founding development team at New Oak Communications (acquired by Nortel).

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