Yieldbot connects agencies, advertisers, and brands with active consumers as they navigate digital media seeking information and making decisions. We understand and activate the real-time intent of over 1 billion monthly site sessions across premium media, understanding how people arrived at a website and what content they’re seeking as they navigate through it. With Yieldbot, regardless of budget, advertisers can make their message highly-relevant to each consumer, buy media on a performance basis, and show measurable lift in sales.

“We’ve been seeing search-like performance on the front end and, more importantly, on the back end. Yieldbot has opened up a new marketplace for our clients to connect directly with the real-time mindset of consumers in the publisher domain.”

Philippe Sloan, Assembly

be always “on” everywhere

Consumers are not on a media schedule, tethered to a screen, or following some linear journey. Yieldbot captures and activates the real-time intent stream of active consumer intentions on premium desktop and mobile publishers across their infinite paths to purchase so you can market with relevance to the moment.

access a transparent, performance-based marketplace

Yieldbot is installed across the world’s leading consumer media companies. Our placements are viewable, above-the-fold and brand safe. With Yieldbot, you will know exactly where your ads run. Yieldbot uses performance-based pricing, so the goals of our business are aligned with your ROI goals.

capitalize on first-party data at scale

Consumers visit premium media publishers because they are trusted resources. Yieldbot collects and analyzes first-party click-path and context data from more than 1 billion consumer sessions per month. We match your brand message in these environments with consumer experiences, needs, and considerations to relevantly drive them to your own branded experiences.

boost performance with automated optimization and machine learning

Your marketing should work for you, getting smarter and performing measurably better over time as more data is collected. Yieldbot is the first technology that weaves a single machine learning system across inventory, targeting, serving, creative and business outcomes to provide true closed-loop optimization — and we do it in real-time.

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