Your content is valuable. It has created huge media businesses for Google, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Finally there is a technology built for publishers that can transfer these budgets back to the original source of this content - you!

“As a publisher, you want partners who are innovating, and breaking all the rules. Yieldbot may have created a completely new category of advertising. We have display partners, social partners, and now we have an intent partner. And it’s the most powerful partner that we’ve ever had.” 

Jeff Rich, BrainyQuote

Artificial intelligence for media owners

Yieldbot has built the publishing industry’s most advanced first-party data and cookieless targeting technology that collects, organizes, analyzes real-time data to predict, measure and learn from the response of your visitors to the content and advertising on your site.

built for advertiser performance

Results on the advertising bought on your site are most important metrics for your business. It creates the value of your media and increase or decreases demand for it. The problem to date is that ad servers have never built to deliver ad performance - they are built for ad delivery. Enter Yieldbot.

increase the value of your media

Yieldbot optimizes the value of your media by enabling it to be bought on a performance basis using keyword level targeting to the right-time mindset of consumers. With a technology focus on relevant advertising, buyer performance and Return of Ad Spend (ROAS) Yieldbot drives up the value of your media and creating more demand and more inventory. Built a platform of machine learning, Yieldbot gets smarter over time and consistently raising RPMs by matching the right buyers with the right inventory.

Unlock the largest budgets in digital

Yieldbot marketplace delivers on-demand budgets from search, social and shopper advertisers that compliment direct sales efforts. Publishers use Yieldbot’s intent targeting technology to generate better performance and increase overall RPM.

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