BrainyQuote and Yieldbot Activate Consumer Intent to Grow Desktop and Mobile Revenue

Yieldbot is BrainyQuote’s top-performing monetization partner, delivering mobile CPMs that outperform all ad networks and exchanges by more than 4X.



Increase monetization of desktop and mobile inventory

BrainyQuote, founded in 2001, is the world’s largest quotation site, and a destination for consumers seeking knowledge and inspiration. With more than 20 million monthly visitors, and nearly 50% of traffic via mobile devices, BrainyQuote continuously seeks ways to improve its monetization across platforms.

“Monetization on our site requires a big data approach, because there are tens of thousands of authors and topics, and our audience visits for any number of reasons,” explained Jeff Rich, CEO of BrainyQuote. “Understanding that context is crucial.”

The publisher had worked with numerous ad exchanges and networks to Hill demand on its pages, but was eager to test Yieldbot’s ability to analyze on-site consumer traffic patterns to deliver more relevant ad experiences to users.

BrainyQuote was also drawn to Yieldbot’s high-quality brand advertisers. “We always have a choice of which partners to work with. The ‘belly fat’ ads pay well, but they will never appear on our sites,” Jeff said. “High-quality publishers want their audience to experience high-quality brand advertising.”

“Yieldbot may have created a completely new category of advertising.”