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Yieldbot maintains the only private marketplace driven by real-time purchase intent.

Yieldbot partners directly with publishers whose content is most relevant for purchase related research and validation.

Due to the direct relationships maintained with each publisher in our marketplace, Yieldbot can leverage first-party data in all ad decisions made on the platform. This first-party data approach, coupled with our standard of full transparency enables clients to feel confident they are reaching consumers in a brand safe and viewable environment explicitly crafted to ensure performance against the metrics that matter most.


We reach 94% of United States shoppers


We deliver 65% – 70% in view, 23% higher than 52.5% industry average*

Brand Safety

We achieve 91% across our private marketplace**

Invalid Traffic

We average 2.55%, 49% lower than 3.8% industry average*

Take a look at how efficient inventory within a premium marketplace drives back-end results.


Learn more about how our first-party data and real-time intent targeting enables Yieldbot to be GDPR compliance ready.

GDPR & Data Privacy

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*Measured by Moat

**Measured by Double Verify. Note: Brand Safety guidelines are not universally published & differ by advertiser.

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