Yieldbot “Serves Up” Pubfood Open Source Header Bidding Framework for Publishers

by Yieldbot
Monday, November 9 th, 2015 -- 9:00 am

Unique framework now enables media companies to take back control of the ad tech stack with state-of-the-art technology  

#Pubfood Slack channel launches as the first community for publishers and ad ops teams devoted to unlocking the true value of inventory

NEW YORK, November 10, 2015 — Yieldbot, the industry’s leading media technology for real-time consumer intent in premium media, today announced the launch of Pubfood.js an open source header bidding framework that facilitates the integration of demand partners into publisher ad stacks. As Open Source Software (OSS), Pubfood.js will be built by publishers for publishers in order to empower them with controls, data and analytics that will level the ad tech playing field. The Pubfood.js framework builds off Yieldbot’s extensive experience as an industry leading header-bidding technology across comScore top 1000 publishers and opens it to further development from the publisher community. Pubfood.js will increase the value of media by improving the consumer experience and creating more direct relationships between buyers and the publishers.

Pubfood.js is a low-friction solution that enables publishers to easily measure, understand and manage multiple bid partners ahead of their ad server. The platform is being launched with a number of flexible components developed by Yieldbot in collaboration with many of the leading coders in the publisher community. It creates an OSS media side framework that will not only understand the demand of multiple partners, but also will alleviate issues around inventory, pricing, latency of requests and through continued development, viewability, and non-human traffic – all concerns publishers are facing now and will continue to face around the value of their media.

“Pubfood.js enables us to access high quality demand from Yieldbot and other unique sources of demand while also allowing us to unify the real time bids from the major ad exchanges. Pubfood’s streamlined code works alongside our existing code, providing a better experience for our readers and increased control over our supply,” said Scott Kolb, founder of Slader. “We now have more control over the header partners we choose to work with, and can easily test others to gauge potential increase in yield.”

The open source framework will be available for use by publisher teams including ad and revenue operations, as well as product and development professionals through GitHub. Also launching today is the #Pubfood Slack channel, which serves as the industry’s first collaborative community for publishers and ad ops teams to discuss header bidding implementation and code improvement, as it relates to unlocking the true value of inventory.

“Yieldbot was among the first to develop header bidding technology in 2011, and since then, we have installed header integrations on more than 750 partners as a publisher-centric alternative for inventory monetization. Now with the rise in header framework popularity, I believe the time is right to give further control to publishers with direct access to source code and allow publishers to finally control their own destiny,” said Jonathan Mendez, CEO of Yieldbot. “Our deep experience with header technology has enabled us to develop an open framework for any publisher to increase their control, visibility and transparency over demand partners. We chose an open source framework to ensure continuous and rapid development of the platform and we believe it will become the industry standard for publisher inventory access, monetization and user experience for years to come.”

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Yieldbot is a media technology company that uses first-party data to create a marketplace for consumer intent. The technology enables media owners to market the real-time intent of their consumers to the buyer universe created by search. The company works with more than 750 major publisher web sites and every major agency holding company in the world to help them understand active consumers and match them with the right messages in real-time.

Yieldbot was founded by a team of data and software veterans who wanted to increase the value of digital media for brands and drive higher CPMs for publishers. The company’s offerings can be bought and sold on a performance basis.

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