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Yieldbot and Breaktime Media Form Alliance to Help Brands Align Media and Content Strategies

New York, September 25, 2017 – Yieldbot, the leading media marketplace for real-time consumer intent, and Breaktime Media, who specialize in driving digital consumer engagements through the use of bite-sized content campaigns, today announced a new strategic alliance. The collaboration is designed to provide brands with cohesive media and messaging strategies, all on a pay for performance model.

“Consumers are demanding brands connect all interactions in a meaningful way and this partnership with Breaktime Media delivers that,” said Jonathan Mendez, CEO and co-founder of Yieldbot. “Any brand investing in digital engagement can now turn to our companies to ensure that from mobile media to brand experience they are delivering consumer value that will lead to in-store purchase.”

By leveraging first-party data instead of second or third-party “cookie profiles,” Yieldbot is able to target real-time consumer intent across mobile and desktop. A key advantage of the Yieldbot and Breaktime alliance is the ability to connect consumers who are actively seeking specific products or services with media that leads directly to a rich and creative interaction.

“Our offering is built around giving brands a content platform to authentically engage with their target shoppers, have a meaningful interaction and drive measurable results,” said Josh Ginsberg, Executive Vice President, Breaktime Media. “Partnering with Yieldbot allows us to extend our engagement engine across Yieldbot’s network of over 900+ publishers and offer our mutual clients a more effective way to reach, connect and activate consumers along the path to purchase from pre-shop to in-store.”

About Yieldbot
Yieldbot is a media technology company that uses first-party data to create a marketplace for consumer intent. The technology enables media owners to market the real-time intent of their consumers to the buyer universe created by search. The company works with more than 900 major publisher web sites and every major agency holding company in the world to help them understand active consumers and match them with the right messages in real-time.

Yieldbot was founded by a team of data and software veterans who wanted to increase the value of digital media for brands and drive higher CPMs for publishers. The company’s offerings can be bought and sold on a performance basis.

Yieldbot is headquartered in New York with offices in Bentonville, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Portland. For more information, please visit: http://www.yieldbot.com.

About Breaktime Media
Breaktime Media creates bite-size digital content to connect consumers with brands and retailers along the path to purchase. In addition to serving this content to Breaktime Media’s built-in audience, brands can also leverage the engagement engine across multiple distribution channels including in-store POS, FSIs, media partners, social influencers and on retailer websites. On average, consumers are spending 90 seconds interacting with Breaktime content units, enabling them to learn about client’s product(s), inspiring consumers to put those products on their shopping list and take action at retail. Breaktime’s 100% performance based solution offers full content development and promotional execution including technical build, hosting, creative, sweepstakes legal and prizing fulfillment and targeted media with guaranteed engagement.

The company’s engaging content is delivered at zero risk for the world’s leading brands including Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Kimberly-Clark and SC Johnson. Breaktime Media is located in Boston, MA. For more information, visit http://breaktimemedia.com.

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